Electronic Dance Music and Post-Club Chill

Beat Red Records is a new independent label, producing dance music and post-club chillout tracks.

Based in Vancouver and Tokyo, Beat Red Records is the official label of Canadian music producer-DJ Beat Red, and is the electronic dance music (EDM) specialty label in the Rufus Lin Productions stable.

Spanning the various genres of electronica and contemporary dance music, Beat Red Records music may be characterized as follows:

1. Highly danceable EDM, highly listenable IDM

2. From chillout, downtempo and progressive trance music to heart-thumping tech house and techno

3. Various genre-spanning, hard-to-define, alternative dance music tracks.

Check out our new releases, now streaming at Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

You can also listen to DJ Beat Red original EDM music at our YouTube channel.